Real Time calories on the screen

You have asked, we have implemented it. Calories are now shown on the main screen during a session. To enable this functionality, make sure you enable “recording” and that each user has been registered with an email address.


Alex Zanardi, a great inspiration for us

Alex Zanardi has won a gold medal at the latest Rio Paralympics 2016. But it is not the victory that we want to highlight here but the man and his story.
Alex was a successful Formula 1 driven that lost both his legs in a tragic accidents while racing. He did not give up. He was determined to continuing his life.

Some quotes from Alex after the gold medal (excerpts from this BBC article):
“When you find yourself in a certain situation you have to identify where you want to go and focus on what you can achieve on that given day. Whether it is a small thing or big one, step-by-step you can make things happen.

“At the time I was asked if I would ever step back in a race car, but what was very important for me was to go into the bathroom and pee on my own, but I could not do that. I had to be helped. That was my number one priority. Day by day I managed to regain control and strength, regain some confidence and concentrate on different things and here I am now.”


There is also documentary on his life with a title that well represents his life, NO LIMITS Impossible is Just a Word

Rowing and Working out with Selfloosp

The Group Fitness Premium works with Concept2 rowers, skiErgs, bike power sensors and heart rate monitors.

The application tracks real-time data and shows group sessions on a tablet screen or an external larger screen.

Tiles can be colored according to target, such as distance, power, or calories.

Post analysis of the workout is available in the Selfloops website.

The service can be used for competitions and trainings, providing real-time data allowing personalized feedback to the athletes.

Leading Edge Bike Power Training

Leading edge bike power training with SelfLoops.

 The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed

A data driven approach: Data collected include heart rate, cadence, bike power, speed, distance and more.

Personalized: Log in before the session and the SelfLoops cloud ensures a personalized training experience.

Post workout analysis: At the end of the session, data are automatically uploaded in the SelfLoop website, ready to be visualized and analyzed.

Coaching your athletes: As a coach you can manage the users, visualize their performance and give feedback thanks to our team management platform.



100 Miles of Nowhere with the Selfloops telemetry


The 100 Miles of Nowhere is a unique event in South Africa. It is an indoor cycling challenge where participants have to complete 100 Miles = 160km on a stationary bike. An arduous task that takes from 4hrs to 6hrs to complete. The event is hosted by Cadence Cycle studios powered by Selfloops.

For the event, Selfloops has enabled the real-time telemetry across the 6 different locations involved in the event.

This means it will be possible to follow the event live from anywhere around the world using just a browser.



A screenshot is below

Screen ShotTelemetry

Group Fitness at Rimini Wellness 2016

Spinning® at Rimini Wellness 2016 with Selfloops Group Fitness.

The Selfloops Group Fitness service is a great tool to make people aware of their fitness performance and to train more effectively when real-time intensity feedback is given.
With this service, coaches can monitor their class and train people according to their fitness intensity zones.


Selfloops Group Fitness and Concept2

With the latest PM5 firmware update, version 22, Concept2 rowers are fully supported by our Group Fitness Premium application.



Technically, the latest firmware brings the ANT FE-C standard support.
To upgrade the firmware on your PM5 monitor, use the Concept2 Utility application.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.53.22 AM

After the update, you can enable the broadcast streaming in the PM5 with:

More/Turn Wireless On/Or connect with ANT will enable FE-C for the remainder of the session.

In the application, you just need to press “Start” and you’ll visualize multiple rowers at the same time on the screen.


After the session, you can upload the data on Selfloops and get a more advanced analysis and an historical account of all your sessions. This allows you to keep track of your efforts and analyze your sports performance, including your progresses. And you can share this information with your coach too.



Finally, Automatic Sync with Garmin Devices


We have enabled the ability for your Garmin workouts to automatically appear in Selfloops within about 10-seconds of you completing the workout.

This means that for any Bluetooth/WiFi enabled Garmin devices, you’ll be able to get the workouts to Selfloops without being near your computer.

And, for those with older devices like the FR310XT/910XT that use the ANT Agent (or Garmin Express) software, you’ll still get your workouts to Selfloops without the need for the manual upload.

Just link your Garmin Connect Account on Selfloops (a premium account is required)

Selfloops syncs with many other services already. These include Strava, the Withings scale, GoldenCheetah, Powertap Power Agent, SRM Device Agent, our HRV app.

Keep track of all your activities across different services in the Selfloops website.

Quantify your efforts with the TRIMP score

We have now included the TRIMP score in the Group Fitness email reports.

The TRIMP (TRaining IMPulse) score measures the activity intensity. The harder and longer you train, the higher will be your TRIMP.

The TRIMP score is calculated for every activity where a heart rate monitor is used. Also available in our website for indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.46.40 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.36.29 PM

Winning teams use Selfloops

Giro del Trentino 2016, Stage 2. Two out of three of the riders in the podium use Selfloops to track and analyze sports performance! Congrats Nippo–Vini Fantini and Gazprom-RusVelo nice to see such photo! (photo credit Stefano Sirotti)


Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali 2016, Stage 1b (TTT). Two of the teams in the podium use Selfloops! Well done Gazprom-RusVelo and Unieuro Wilier.
DSC_0280 copy