Alex Zanardi, a great inspiration for us

Alex Zanardi has won a gold medal at the latest Rio Paralympics 2016. But it is not the victory that we want to highlight here but the man and his story.
Alex was a successful Formula 1 driven that lost both his legs in a tragic accidents while racing. He did not give up. He was determined to continuing his life.

Some quotes from Alex after the gold medal (excerpts from this BBC article):
“When you find yourself in a certain situation you have to identify where you want to go and focus on what you can achieve on that given day. Whether it is a small thing or big one, step-by-step you can make things happen.

“At the time I was asked if I would ever step back in a race car, but what was very important for me was to go into the bathroom and pee on my own, but I could not do that. I had to be helped. That was my number one priority. Day by day I managed to regain control and strength, regain some confidence and concentrate on different things and here I am now.”


There is also documentary on his life with a title that well represents his life, NO LIMITS Impossible is Just a Word