Tracking real-time data in a Peloton

The Selfloops Group applications can be used to track athletes’ real-time data while riding.

Real-time data can be used to provide immediate feedback to the athletes and monitor their form while performing.

A great tool for coaches and sport directors. Bike power, cadence and heart rate data are on the screen and tiles can be color coded according to their max heart rate date or FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

5 color-coded HR zones on your wrist

With the support of the Apple Watch in our Group Fitness Plus for Apple TV we are redefining the experience.

5 color-coded heart rate zones on your wrist and on the large screen, at the same time. A summary on the watch just after the session. Push notifications with your ranking in the class and more info.


Your activities are all uploaded in Selfloops, for an advanced analysis of your workouts.

And we also provide automatic synchronization with the Apple Activity app in your iPhone.



Improved support for Polar devices

In the latest version of the Group Fitness Plus for iPad we have added support for the latest Polar heart rate monitors, Polar activity trackers and sport watches with optical heart rate monitors.
With the application you can use the Polar H7, the new H10. The Polar A360, M200, M430, M600.

The Group Fitness Plus for Android is compatible with any ANT+ HRMs devices in the market. More than 80 different heart rate monitors.
Check this link for a comprehensive list.

With the Group Fitness Plus for Android you can also use activity trackers with optical heart rate monitors from Garmin, like the VivoSmart HR. Garmin sport watches with optical heart rate monitors like the FR225, FR735XT, FR935, Fēnix 3 HR, Vivo Active HR, Fēnix Chronos, Fēnix 5. And Mio devices, and Scosche Rhythm+ arm bands.