Group Sessions Performance at Glance

A great new feature is available to anyone that uses the Selfloops Group Fitness service!

The ability for the coach to visualize the session performance at glance, in a single screen, available just after the workout.

It is also possible to select one or more athletes and compare their performance in that session.

You can only improve what you measure (and analyze)!

Group Fitness and Group Rowing

Track multiple Concept2 rowers, SkyErgs and BikeErgs in real time and wirelessly.

A great service for CrossFit and Rowing Clubs.

All the metrics can be tracked and showed on a large screen. Tiles can be color coded based on heart rate zones, power zones, cadence/strides zones or according to a target metric such as distance and calories.

Selfloops and the Apple Watch

We have been working hard on our Apple Watch application.

This is the only application in the market that allows you to join Group Fitness sessions with your Apple Watch. Basically we use the optical heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch to track your workout and show your data on a large screen.

In addition, the Selfloops Apple Watch app can track your cardio workouts, and rowing workouts (if you use a Concept2 rower).