SelfLoops Group Fitness adapts to user needs

The new update makes it easy to adapt the screen to different sessions. You can now set the size of the fonts so the squares will be larger or smaller. With the larger fonts you’ll get a better visibility of the numbers on the screen with the tradeoff that fewer users will fit into the screen. However,  you can always scroll down to see the complete list. You can select this option on the Settings menu.

This is the screenshot with Large fonts:


This is the screenshot with the Normal fonts:



Stream your sessions wirelessly

With the SelfLoops Group Fitness service you can track group cardio training sessions using an Android device. Now you can also stream your sessions wirelessly to TVs and projectors using Miracast™, a technology supported on Android 4.2 and higher.

The Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 10, and several other Android devices  support the Wi-Fi Certified Miracast™ protocol for wireless display. To turn on the wireless display feature, go to Settings > Device > Display > Cast screen >  Menu, then check the box next to “Enable Wireless Display.”

Many new TVs and projectors are Miracast enabled, or you can just plug a Miracast dongle on the TV HDMI port.



Group Cardio Training made easy

Today we have announced a complete and effective service to start group cardio trainings.

With our service you can monitor several heart rate monitors at the same time and you’ll be able to manage your sessions more effectively.

If you are a coach or personal trainer this solution can help you track the intensity of your training sessions and see how hard someone is working and more importantly track people’s recovery time.

All the details regarding our service and offers are described in our website, SelfLoops Group Fitness page.

The Selfloops Fitness Group app

Today we are happy to announce the launch of the Selfloops Group Fitness app in the Android Play Store.

The Selfloops Group Fitness application allows real-time group monitoring of heart rate sensors and cardio training . The information appears in the smartphone/tablet display, but it can be projected in a external larger screen if the device has a video output port (e.g. a HDMI port as some Android tablets)

The scope of the app is to make people aware of their fitness performance and to train more effectively when real-time intensity feedback is given. Furthermore, with this app coaches can monitor their class and train people according to their fitness intensity zones.

The number of contemporaneous heart rate sensors supported theoretically could go up to 50 as this is the limit of the ANT+™ standard (the position and the processing power of the receiver may negatively affect this number).

The ANT+ standard is used by Garmin and many others. Therefore, to use the application, your smart phone or tablet must support ANT+. If your smartphone does not natively support ANT+, you can add external accessories to enable it, e.g. our ANT+ accessory (for Android 2.3.4 and higher) or the Garmin USB ANT stick with a USB OTG cable (for Android 3.0 and higher).

Our forthcoming Selfloops Accessory enables ANT+ in Android:

a list of ANT+ capable smartphones and other external solutions are described here:


At the start of the session the application will gather data from sensors in proximity.
If the user is registered, a square will pop-up with her name, otherwise she will appear as an anonymous user. You can edit the anonymous user and register her for a future automatic identification. You can also manually register users, if you know the heart rate monitor device number.

Only users with heart rate monitors in proximity will be shown during a session.
In Android devices that natively support ANT+ you have to DISABLE the WiFi for this application to work. The two radio protocols share the same antenna in these devices and ANT+ cannot work continuously.