Remote monitoring and data tracking

With our telemetry platform is possible to track multiple users at the same time in real-time.

We are able to track heart rate monitors, bikes (including bike power, cadence, speed, altitude, location), treadmills and indoor rowers. We also support the Stryd running power sensor.

Users just need a smartphone (Android or iPhone) and the sensors. Users can also stream their data using the Apple Watch. A coach will use our website to monitor the data.

Tracking and remote monitoring is done in real-time. At the same time, we record the workouts and the application will upload the data on the Selfloops website at the end of the session.

The Health section of the Selfloops website instead provides an updated status of various vital signs and health metrics such as FTP (Functional Threshold Power), HRV (heart rate variability), max HR and rest HR, weight, steps, sleep, O2, Vo2 max.

Overall we provide an end to end solution to track and analyze data, in real-time and post workout.

Selfloops Live

A new live streaming experience is here. We have combined HD video streaming, data streaming, live chat and a payment system and it is called SELFLOOPS LIVE.

A unique platform for clubs, gyms and personal trainers.

Angelo Furlan

With SELFLOOPS LIVE we give the ability to clubs, gyms and coaches to establish a rich and innovative live streaming presence.

It is not just video streaming (that everybody offers now), but much more.

HD Video Streaming 
Data streaming 
Integrated Payment System 
Post Workout Sport Performance Analysis.

This is an essential platform to keep customers engaged wherever they are.

Selfloops Streams now with Zoom and Vimeo

A great new update for SELFLOOPS STREAMS is here. We already support video and heart rate data live streaming, and the Apple Watch. Videos can be live streamed or be played on-demand.

Streams was integrated with YouTube and YouTube Live.
We now have added Zoom and Vimeo. That means you can embed those services directly on the Selfloops website.

Reach your clients Anywhere, Anytime

SELFLOOPS STREAMS allows you to live stream your classes and monitor your clients workout intensity in real-time, anywhere they are.