A redesigned training plans platform

In our platform, we have had the ability to create and manage training plans for a while. However, we wanted to make this part better and easier to use.

That’s why we have completely redesigned our training plans. We have created a new beautiful design with a new calendar, and the ability to drag&drops workouts.

There are two types of plans, dynamic and standard.

Dynamic plan
A Dynamic plan has real dates and appears in calendar in real time. This type of plan is great for working with a group of athletes that are all training towards the same event. When you add a workout to the dynamic plan then the same workout appear in the athletes calendars in real time.

Standard plan
In a Standard plan the dates don’t matter. This is a plan designed to be included in other plans or to be applied to any date by the athletes.

We have created an advanced training plans platform that allows coaches and athletes to schedule the appropriate workouts and keep track of past sports performance.

You can only improve what you measure!

The most advanced Apple Watch app

In this latest release we have added support for the fitness industry Bluetooth FTMS standard.

This means we now supports indoor rowers, indoor bikes and treadmills.

This is the only Apple Watch app that works with Concept2 machines (rowers, BikeErgs and SkiErgs) and with indoor rowers, indoor bikes, indoor bike trainers and treadmills.

The FTMS acronym stands for Fitness Machine Service and it is part of the Bluetooth standard.

The FTMS standard is supported by the Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes, the Atom Wattbike, Technogym rowers and many others.

More and more “smart” connected machines are in the market. With our Apple Watch app you can track your workouts and automatically analyze all your activities in the Selfloops website. Activities are automatically uploaded at the end of the session.

With the Apple Watch application is also possible to join group heart rate tracking sessions in your gym (the only Apple Watch app able to do it), and track cardio workouts.

Download our Selfloops Spark app from the App Store.

Videos and music in the Group Fitness sessions

We have created an integrated experience that makes it possible to simultaneously track sensors and play multimedia content in a single application.

This features is available in our Group Fitness Premium application and allows a coach to play videos and/or music while tracking the workout data.

With just one click, it is possible to switch, during the session, from the video screen to the tracking screen.

The multimedia content together with the structured workouts feature allows the coach to create highly interactive and structured experiences.

For more information on how to use it, please check our support pages.

Making group sessions more fun

We wanted to make group fitness session more engaging and fun so we decided to add gamification mechanics to the experience. You can enable this option in the Settings of the application.

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) applied in this case to fitness workouts. Gamification encourages engagement with the service and makes the experience more fun.

Selfloops Awards, Badges and Achievements

Zone Mates: recognition given to the two athletes that have completed the workout with the most similar heart rate zone distribution in the entire class. (More than two participants are required in the class).

Zone King: recognition of the athlete that have spent the most time in the heart rate zone the group trained the most in (More than one participant is required).

Range champ: recognition of the athlete that has reached the largest range between the lowest and the highest heart rate during the workout. (The calculation does not take into account the first 5 minutes. More than one participant is required) .

How It works

Enable the Gamification option in the Settings of the application. After the workout you can visualize the results and achievements by selecting the workout in the “Activity Logs” section and choosing the Summary view.

Structured Workouts

In the Selfloops website we have added the ability for a coach to create structured workouts. Structured workouts allow a coach to create training sessions where the target or intensity level of each time interval is specified.

The coach can create a workout specifying as target the %FTP (Functional Threshold Power) or (Bike,Rowing,skiErg) Power.

The image below shows how structured workouts are created in the website.

For each interval a coach specifies the duration and a target. In the picture above the %FTP is used. A structured workout can be assigned to a team or to a set of athletes. The athletes can download the structured workout as ERG file. ERG is a standard file format and these files that can be imported in most of the commercial indoor training software programs.

Our Group Fitness Premium app can also download the structured workouts. This means that those workouts can be executed in a group session, for indoor cycling, rowing and any group session that involves a target power. In the Group Fitness app we have also added the countdown timer of the interval.

We believe this is a great tool to train. You can only improve what you measure!