The most advanced Apple Watch app

In this latest release we have added support for the fitness industry Bluetooth FTMS standard.

This means we now supports indoor rowers, indoor bikes and treadmills.

This is the only Apple Watch app that works with Concept2 machines (rowers, BikeErgs and SkiErgs) and with indoor rowers, indoor bikes, indoor bike trainers and treadmills.

The FTMS acronym stands for Fitness Machine Service and it is part of the Bluetooth standard.

The FTMS standard is supported by the Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes, the Atom Wattbike, Technogym rowers and many others.

More and more “smart” connected machines are in the market. With our Apple Watch app you can track your workouts and automatically analyze all your activities in the Selfloops website. Activities are automatically uploaded at the end of the session.

With the Apple Watch application is also possible to join group heart rate tracking sessions in your gym (the only Apple Watch app able to do it), and track cardio workouts.

Download our Selfloops Spark app from the App Store.