A redesigned training plans platform

In our platform, we have had the ability to create and manage training plans for a while. However, we wanted to make this part better and easier to use.

That’s why we have completely redesigned our training plans. We have created a new beautiful design with a new calendar, and the ability to drag&drops workouts.

There are two types of plans, dynamic and standard.

Dynamic plan
A Dynamic plan has real dates and appears in calendar in real time. This type of plan is great for working with a group of athletes that are all training towards the same event. When you add a workout to the dynamic plan then the same workout appear in the athletes calendars in real time.

Standard plan
In a Standard plan the dates don’t matter. This is a plan designed to be included in other plans or to be applied to any date by the athletes.

We have created an advanced training plans platform that allows coaches and athletes to schedule the appropriate workouts and keep track of past sports performance.

You can only improve what you measure!