Training with bike power indoor

Power Lab High Performance Training Cycling Center uses CycleOps bikes with power meters. Power meters on the bikes allow a more accurate way to measure the efforts and sports performance.

SelfLoops apps and services track, measure and analyze sport performance and provides all the information to get better and improve.

Great video below. Take a look at what it means having a facility with an advanced training system

Automatically sync your data, the way It should be

Manually entering workouts and health data is a tedious activity and, rightly so, not many users like it and do it on a regular basis.

That’s why, at Selfloops, we make sure you can automatically synchronize your health and sports data. We have added automatic sync to Strava, Garmin Connect, Polar, SRM, CycleOPS, Bryton, Garmin, GoldenCheetah, Withings and others.

If you have an Apple Watch or an iPhone, HealthFit is the application you should use to sync all your health data and workouts to Selfloops.

In its latest version the HealthFit app automatically synchronizes once a day your health data to Selfloops.

Health data that are uploaded: your Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data, Active Calories, Sleep Analysis, Steps count, Body Weight, BMI, Fat percentage, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Water Consumption.

Below an example of your data in Selfloops, automatically uploaded from the Apple Watch.

Selfloops will take care of analyzing your data and activities.

You can only improve what you measure.