Diego Rosa bike ride analysis during Giro d’Italia with Selfloops

Riding the Giro d’Italia is a great life experience. And Diego Rosa, a rider of Androni Giocattoli Venezuela team, had a great performance at his first Giro d’Italia, finishing 23rd in the overall final rankings.

As we say, you can only improve what you measure. And Coach Team Assistant has made a detailed analysis of Diego during stage 15 of Giro d’Italia, using our Selfloops platform.

Use Selfloops for your indoor trainings

The use of Selfloops is not restrained to outdoor activities. The rule that you can only improve what you measure is also applying indoors. Use Selfloops together with a power enabled indoor bike like BODY BIKE Connect and enjoy the advantages of data recording and analysis from your indoor workouts too.

Track bike power, cadence, heart rate, speed, distance, calories to measure your performance. All your data are automatically saved in the Selfloops cloud at the end of the training session, ready to be analyzed. Or shared in Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you decide.