Selfloops Group Fitness in Macau

Selfloops Group Fitness is used around the world.

Group heart rate monitoring is a great tool to track the intensity of group workouts. Coaches can offer a personalized experience to their clients to improve their wellness and fitness.

A nice picture from Macau.

Milano Sanremo with Mirco Maestri

Milano Sanremo, is a classic.

A very tough and demanding race of 291KM (180.8 miles).

The winner (Vincenzo Nibali) won the 2018 edition in 7 hours and 18 minutes.

Below you can find the great performance of Mirco Paperino Maestri of Bardiani – CSF Pro Team
Analysis done using Selfloops by sport performance coach, Claudio Cucinotta.

Well done Mirco!
This is what it means cycling and sport performance!

Rowing with Concept2 and the Apple Watch

We are happy to announce that our Apple Watch app now supports Concept2 rowers!

This means you can track distance, strides, calories, heart rate, pace and all the metrics of your workout while using a C2 rower with a PM5 monitor using an Apple Watch.

All your workouts are automatically uploaded to Selfloops after a session.

Download it from the App store, here.

pro cycling teams and athletes use Selfloops

At Selfloops we have built an advanced platform that is used by pro cycling teams and athletes.

We help athletes and their staff to track and analyze their workouts, sessions and races.

The collaboration with pro athletes helps us improve. With their feedback we evolve our service. We add features and refine them based on their needs and requirements.

We have collaborated with the Androni Sidermec pro cycling team for a long time now. Below a picture of the team in an article in TuttoBici (March 2018 issue). Selfloops is highlighted in the red box.