How pro athletes train

The Androni Giocattoli Sidermerc pro cycling team uses the Selfloops telemetry to track watts, cadence and heart rate of the athletes in real-time.

Tracking real-time data allows the sports director to provide immediate feedback to the athletes and help them improve. Selfloops also provides post workout analysis.

You can only improve what you measure!

Class reservations made easy

In the Selfloops website we have built an integrated class scheduling and management system. The system can be used as a stand alone service. We are also integrated with major class management systems such as MindBody.

With our system, clients can sign up for classes and select their bike/rower/loaner. They do not necessarily need to make a bike reservation, at signup we automatically reserve a bike for them and they can change it if they want.

We have now added the ability to reserve the place/bike/rower/loaner directly in our smartphone apps, available for iOS and Android.

With our Spark smartphone app, users can sign up for classes, reserve their sensors, check their workouts. A Selfloops integrated experience!