A Group Fitness application that can be used anywhere, anytime

SELFLOOPS is in the Spotlight at the ANT Alliance website.

The latest 2020 American College of Sport Medicine Fitness Trends are out and Wearable Tech, HIIT and Group Training top the list. Selfloops and ANT+ play to these trends through enabling the integration of real-time data and post workout advanced analytics in a group workout setting. By using ANT+, Selfloops enables a portable Group Fitness application that gyms and coaches can use anywhere, anytime.

A member of the ANT+ Alliance since 2012, Selfloops is an innovative company at the intersection of sports performance and fitness. The Selfloops Group Fitness application tracks real-time multiple heart rate monitors, rowers, treadmills and bikes, so coaches can monitor their class – helping train people according to their fitness intensity zones.

A key function of the ANT+ protocol is that it enables Selfloops to support a variety of fitness machines, sensors and displays. This means that any heart rate monitors or fitness machines that work with the ANT+ standard are supported.

The Group Fitness setup is very simple, and the service runs on a broad range of platforms and devices. Fitness clubs and gyms just need an Android device, an Apple TV or an iPad to track and visualize the entire group session. Recently, the Selfloops Group Fitness application has been ported on the Android TV OS and it is the first certified ANT+ app on the Android TV Play store.

Selfloops is a partner of the Italian Cycling Federation and is currently used by pro athletes and teams who participate in events such as the Giro d’Italia. Additionally, Selfloops services are used in clubs and gyms in an impressive 46 countries around the world – You can only improve what you measure!

ANT+ Alliance (www.thisisant.com/directory/)
With its standardized communication platform, ANT+ enables quick-to-market solutions which has resulted in an ecosystem of world-class technology vendors in the ANT+ Alliance, an open special interest group of companies who have adopted the ANT+ promise of interoperability. These industry leaders offer readily available brand name products for sport, fitness
and wellness management. Visit thisisant.com/directory for a complete listing of ANT+ certified and verified products.

Pro cycling team Bardiani CSF Faizanè chooses SELFLOOPS

Press Release by Bardiani CSF Faizanè

In 2020, for the third year in a row, the team Bardiani CSF Faizanè and Selfloops will be official partner for the athletic trainings of the #GreenTeam riders. The collaboration has started in the 2018. Thanks to Selfloops all the Sports Directors of the team will be able to monitor the day by day training of every rider of the team, wherever they are.


The team manager of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè, Roberto Reverberi, confirms the fundamental value of the platform for the modern cycling: “Looking forward to our first training camp, our riders are already doing important trainings to prepare the new season. Some of them in Spain, some others in their home roads. Thanks to Selfloops our Sports Directors, are able to coordinate with all the Sports Trainers and riders, with a day by day monitoring of the trainings data. In this way we could plan in the best way the first races of the new season. Selfloops represents today a pillar of modern cycling for a well structured team.”

The CEO and Co-Founders of Selfloops, Christian Del Rosso, explains:

“The partnership with Professional teams is at the base of our product improvements. During a season, Sports Trainers and Sports Directors have to manage thousands of files, from trainings to races, coming from all over the world. To manage them and to analyze them means to improve the performance: this is the main goal of Selfloops. We are a young brand that have the intention to keep growing up. For this reason the renewal of the partnership with Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè is very important.”

Mio adds SELFLOOPS integration

SELFLOOPS and Mio have started a collaboration and this is the Mio Labs press release.

PORTLAND, Dec 4, 2019 — MIO, performance wearables for those who train with heart, today announced its mioPOD heart rate monitor is now integrated with SelfLoops, allowing fitness studios to tap into, and display, heart rate data during group workouts. The strategic partnership and product integration allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to train more effectively when real-time intensity feedback is given during group workouts.

SelfLoops is a premier software display provider for indoor cycling data, running classes, and group heart rate training. SelfLoops allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to be in control of their fitness activities through a personalized training experience according to heart rate data. With SelfLoops Group Fitness, coaches can monitor their class and train individuals according to their fitness intensity zones.

“With SelfLoops, mioPOD’s training features are available on a whole new level, increasing commitment and motivation in group workout settings,” said MIO vice president of sales, Marcelo Aller. “Joining forces with a software platform partner like SelfLoops enhances the mioPOD user experience and expands MIO’s offerings for athletes who are focused on reaching their goals.”

Worn on the upper arm or forearm, mioPOD delivers reliable heart rate monitoring, haptic alerts and glanceable color zones for real-time heart rate intensity awareness for elite athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts to perform at their peak. mioPOD was designed with ultimate flexibility to enhance the user experience. Paired with the free mioAPP, mioPOD provides users with advanced performance analytics and a personalized training plan to optimize workouts and improve performance.

“Teaming up with MIO was a natural fit for SelfLoops. Our training guidance and insights, paired with accurate heart rate monitoring from the mioPOD, will bring advanced training analytics to studios across North America,” said Christian Del Rosso, founder of SelfLoops. “You can only improve what you’re able to measure, and tracking real-time data allows class instructors to provide immediate feedback and post-workout analysis to athletes.”

mioPOD is also compatible with leading workout apps, such as NRC, Runkeeper, Sufferfest, UA Run and Zwift, empowering users to stream their heart rate to existing platforms. mioPOD stores up to 30 hours of workout data, letting users sync and review workout data and history at any time with the mioAPP. With the SelfLoops integration, mioPOD users will now receive email reports after each workout, and gym owners will be able to tap MIO analytics to inform leaderboards in classes in real-time.

To learn more about mio or to purchase mioPOD, visit www.mio-labs.com. To learn more about how SelfLoop works with MIO, visit https://mio-labs.com/pages/mio-gym.

About MIO

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, MIO – the consumer product arm of Mio-Labs Inc. – has created performance wearables to empower fitness-minded individuals since 1999. MIO’s adaptive training insights are designed to optimize training and performance, guiding athletes at every level to perform at their peak. To learn more about MIO, visit www.mio-labs.com.

InBody integration

We have integrated our platform with the leader in body composition technology, InBody. What it means in practice is that any time you analyze your body composition with an Inbody device you will have the data saved in the Selfloops website.

By integrating body composition analysis with your activities we can provide a more comprehensive view of your fitness level and sports performance.

With this integration we are bringing sports performance analysis to the next level.

The integration can be activated by the athletes in the Settings section of the website.

The data will appear on the Health section and weight the line chart will include the weight, fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass.

It is also possible to have a more detailed analysis in the History section.

We believe this is a great addition to our platforms. We provide the tools that allow coaches and athletes to track analyze sports performance. You can only improve what you measure!