A new team dashboard to better manage your athletes

We have updated the team dashboard. The dashboard helps a coach to keep tracks of the team statistics in a single view.

The athletes in the team can be ordered by several metrics: Moving time, Distance, Number of activities, Training Load, Critical Power, TRIMP, and Calories.

In this latest update, we have added new metrics, such as the TRIMP score and the Calories burned.

Athletes can be ranked in any of the metrics in the dashboard. You can also select the date range.

The dashboard is for clubs and teams that want to manage and monitor their athletes. At glance, it is possible to see how the team is performing and who are the most active athletes.

team dashboard


Finding the heart rate monitor device number

Each heart rate monitor has a unique identifier built-in. The identifier is a number that it is uniquely assigned to a heart rate monitor.

The device number must be associated with a user. Once the association is made, every time a person will wear that heart rate monitor, our application will automatically recognize him. This must only be done once.

Finding the Heart Rate Monitor Device Number

Our cloud services make it easy to manage the associations and keep your data safe. All your data in our cloud services are backed up. If you change or break your device you can easily recover all your data with the press of a button.

See Cloud services getting started guide.