Pro cycling team Bardiani CSF Faizanè chooses SELFLOOPS

Press Release by Bardiani CSF Faizanè

In 2020, for the third year in a row, the team Bardiani CSF Faizanè and Selfloops will be official partner for the athletic trainings of the #GreenTeam riders. The collaboration has started in the 2018. Thanks to Selfloops all the Sports Directors of the team will be able to monitor the day by day training of every rider of the team, wherever they are.


The team manager of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè, Roberto Reverberi, confirms the fundamental value of the platform for the modern cycling: “Looking forward to our first training camp, our riders are already doing important trainings to prepare the new season. Some of them in Spain, some others in their home roads. Thanks to Selfloops our Sports Directors, are able to coordinate with all the Sports Trainers and riders, with a day by day monitoring of the trainings data. In this way we could plan in the best way the first races of the new season. Selfloops represents today a pillar of modern cycling for a well structured team.”

The CEO and Co-Founders of Selfloops, Christian Del Rosso, explains:

“The partnership with Professional teams is at the base of our product improvements. During a season, Sports Trainers and Sports Directors have to manage thousands of files, from trainings to races, coming from all over the world. To manage them and to analyze them means to improve the performance: this is the main goal of Selfloops. We are a young brand that have the intention to keep growing up. For this reason the renewal of the partnership with Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè is very important.”